Erasmus & Agreements - Incoming Students

Erasmus & Agreements - Incoming Students


The International Relations Office / International Center of the University of Seville (E SEVILLA01) is in charge of managing both the ERASMUS program and academic exchanges through AGREEMENTS with universities outside the Erasmus program. This office provides information and services to study at our University. It also organizes the welcoming ceremony for foreign students from all study centers, including the Faculty of Psychology.

Below you can consult relevant information for the preparation of the study agreement and the preparation of the mobility stay.


Academic Calendar

Check the Academic and Assessment calendar at this link.


Class Syllabus & Courses for Incoming Students


Learning Agreements

To request the signing of your study agreement in advance, send the documentation to the Center's Secretariat ( You can also request said signature after your arrival.

It is necessary to ask for a PRIOR APPOINTMENT when you come to the Secretariat of the Faculty if you are a Erasmus, SICUE or Ibero-American student.


Registration Procedures

Upon arrival in Seville, you must go to the International Center (Av. Ciudad Jardín 20-22, 41005 Sevilla, Spain) to officially announce your arrival. There they will inform you of the rest of the administrative procedures that you must carry out and you will be able to carry out the official registration process in the chosen subjects. On their website or international students you have detailed information about these procedures. 

When you enroll, you will be provided with a UVUS (virtual user of the University of Seville) and a password (password). With them you will be able to access SEVIUS (Virtual Secretariat of the University of Seville) to request the student card of the University of Seville (necessary for access to the library, parking ...) and carry out other procedures of interest such as controlling your enrollment and later on your notes. 

If you have any problem with your UVUS, use the password recovery procedure for University of Seville Intranet (SEVIUS) users.


Transcripts of Records

You can consult your academic record at the University of Seville at any time through SEVIUS. If at the end of your mobility stay you detect an error in the grades of the subjects, contact your teacher as soon as possible so that he / she can correct the error before your grades are sent.

Your grades will be sent directly to your home university by the International Center (Erasmus and Agreements program) when your stay ends. For this, it is an essential requirement to officially communicate the departure at the International Center (Av. Ciudad Jardín 20-22, 41005 Seville, Spain).




More Info

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